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my heart is stronger now with you in it
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shows that need season 2:

-ghost hunt

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miikasaas: its so complicated because like they still love each other a lot and they face time each other lIKE FRIGGEN FACETIME IT WAS SO CUTE it's just this whole season has been him and this girl named sinon and they've been getting real close in this cave lately and like asuna is watching bc its pretty much the hunger games and i want to slap kiritioo LIKE HE OBVIOUSLY LOVES HER SO MUCH THE WRITERS ARE SODUMB

bLLLLEEEEHHHHH where are all the guys fawning over asuna give me that like kirito is hot stuff but so is she why doesn’t she get a harem too

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Anonymous: Hi I was wondering in your opinion which anime is better maid-sama or ghost hunt? I'm in the market for a new anime and you have good taste in anime I just wanna know which I should watch first ;u;

omfg which one is BETTER? idk if i can choose which one is better because i love them both so much and i’ve watched both of them multiple times! I probably have to say that I love ghost hunt a little more, though.

PLUS no one i know has watched ghost hunt so…..you should watch it. its so good. please watch it.

and then watch maid-sama afterwards!

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ok but why doesn’t ghost hunt have a season 2 yet

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Anonymous: I feel your pain. I'm the age my mom was when she married my dad and I can't even get a guy to go on a date with me. Dating's hard shit, man.

dang yeah it is. i mean i’m not like…..impatient or anything. like i’m totally great with being independent and stuff but….it would be nice….to know what that would feel like i guess

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idk sometimes i think i really want to be in a relationship with someone like my mom was married when she was my age and i still haven’t even had a ///real/// first kiss idk this is obnoxious how do u meet and date people

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