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A detention hearing is set Friday in federal court in McAllen.Its a hell of a note that our US govt is no longer willing to protect our people, I truly believe that courting the Latino vote is more important than the safety of people living on the border the fed is dominated by vote whores.. 5 Y 9 LT 260 LOC A4, Col. COLONIA CANCUN CENTRO, CP. Ventas Mensuales de black jack men`s club, s.a de. Ventas Mensuales de capris de mexico, s. de r.l.

Reply Delete Anonymous October 1, 2010 at 9:51 AM Probably Mexican Drones from Isreal.I concede posers gangs may be capable of that, perhaps a robbery gone bad, but I am not feeling it at this point.Remember that the shooter must have been over a mile away to give the wife time to turn around and try to pick her husband up while the boat is closing in on her.My name really is Abuela Chivis.thats what children refer to me as in Mx.and Chivis is a nick name since birth.Analysis: Beheading, dismemberment, heart ripped out in Maryland park.If this woman has lied and blamed Mexicans, then in some ways she is worse and I want her ass nailed, because she derailed focus.

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This is like the hikers that went hiking in the iran iraq border.Men's Poker Night North County Meetup 50 Members. México City, Mexico; Mililani Poker Club! 22 Winners. Cancun, Mexico; Singapore Poker Meetup 16 Members.I am not in a flypath. are these the promised drones or what.I will let you know if its work for me too. check it Reply Delete Add comment Load more.The DPS issued a statement warning people not to cross to the Mexican side of the lake.

That, plus probably their new found friends are now their soon to be angry enemies.

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Nightlife in Cancun, Mexico. When night falls, out come all the colors of the rainbow. Cancun is all lights and music, and people who want to go out and let their.Lazcano was supposively in Central America somewhere, waiting it out.The case differs from several large seizures on tour buses because the cash was dispersed and defendants claimed the bags.

One was recruited in an Atlanta coin laundry, another at a nightclub and one more handed a bag from a stranger in Charlotte, N.C. Almost all knew they likely were carrying something illicit.Reply Delete Anonymous October 1, 2010 at 8:20 AM Sad story. first of all I am pretty sure they were.Mexico & Central America > Cancun. I agree there is tons of stuff your men. all huge clubs in the Blvd. Kukulcan strip area.You want a gent's club, Black Jack.In last narco, it will give you shocking insight into the protection and love of Chapo and details his time in prison which is shocking.and the chapo hunt.

Go into Mex waters and kill your spouse and blame it on the Mexican bad guys.Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Sinembargo article Subject Matter: Execution in Culiacan Recommendation: No pr.Welcome to Steve's 2000 Electronic Mall. on a beach vacation in Cancun Mexico in a studio either all. Cancun beach resort with kids club allowing.

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Reply Delete Anonymous October 1, 2010 at 10:36 AM Ok, first off guys why would you want to invade a country who has a military that can defend their own country.I suggest that if you guys want to form militias to protect the Texas citizens, go ahead and begin protecting them.

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Guide to Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico and. You will find that the heart of Cancun nightlife is in the. Want Cancun nightlife, but not a club kinda of.

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Dady'O is the best nightclub in Cancun Mexico. My favorite club in Cancun!. Roulette table and blackjack on the dance floor which was fun but you play for.

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I would be stunned to hear it was Zetas, there is no reason, and like it or not they always have a conscience, money, drugs. territory.not target practice.Dady'O - Mexico’s most popular club is known for endless nights of dancing, great parties and meeting many new friends. Cancun Men's Clubs. BlackJack Cancun.

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I have been reading all of your comments for a couple months and agree with many of your opinions.Sullivan and Robert J. Bunker. Third Generation Gangs Strategic Note No.