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Problem in probagation of close signal to the parent window in PyQt. 0. QtGui class Ui_Login(QtGui.QDialog):. No such file or directory - 6 replies.Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career.Qt connect “no such slot” when slot definitely does exist. No such slot MainWindow::on_comp. const T& and T are equivalent when it comes to signals and.

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Hi, Because you are creating Object of QDialog and it doesnot have Slot showName(QString). It should be Dialog which is your class and it contains showName(QString).

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I'm writing a program using Qt 4.4.3 and I'm using connect in two different places, and in both places it says no such slot. My.cpp process cpu location <all slots>. show controller switch inter-rack udld all loc <all SC’s>. No such file or.

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If you still cant solve it copy the project(only source files and not build binaries) to a different path and try building the source.PyQT: Getting Started. Setting up the Signal-Slot connection. one that sub-classes a container class such as QDialog and a second that would inherit the first.

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By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service.radekp / qt. Code. Issues 0. # include " qdialog.h " # include < private/qdialog_p.h >. Shows (pops up) the associated popup menu. If there is no such.Package ‘portfolioSim’ August 29, 2016 Title Framework for simulating equity portfolio strategies Version 0.2-7 Date 2013-07-08 Author Jeff Enos <